Jocelle@15 Months

 Jocelle was 15 months old when we went on our Korea trip.. That was her 1st plane ride.. She had not been totally weaned off breastmilk then.. 

Although she drinks formula milk mostly in the day, she would wake up about once a night occasionally for comfort feeding.. I’ve been giving in to her demands as I didn’t wanna wake hubby up to make milk for her and I was lazy to pull myself out of bed to make milk for her.. It’s so convenient to just feed her as I continue to sleep.. Hee..

I’ve actually tried ignoring her cries sometime before the trip and she managed to go back to sleep without any comfort feeding.. But I gave in occasionally.. So she was not sleeping through the night until about 2 weeks ago..

I didn’t realize until a few days after we came back from Korea.. I’ve been cutting down on the frequency of nursing her to once every 2 days during the trip.. Then when we came back, I dunno why, but she started sleeping through! I’ve finally regained my freedom! Hee.. Now she’s totally weaned off me! I’m so enjoying this freedom of not being someone’s pacifier! 😀

The picture above was cropped from a photo I took of Jocelle n Jovan drinking milk together.. Just thought I should record this milestone of hers.. Haha.. Think I’ve been pampering her too much as some of my friends train their kids to sleep through by 3 months! I’m just too lazy to train them.. And I’m the one suffering.. =p