Shoo! Stomach flu!!

Yes, the Shum family has been attacked by the stomach flu recently.. Hopefully, everyone will recover fully before Jocelle’s birthday celebration this Saturday.. Sigh..

It started with me on Sunday.. We took a quick lunch and left the kids with my mum before we went for our facial and massage.. 

After the massage, we went back to take a shower.. My tummy was feeling queasy on our way back so when we reached home, I went straight to the bathroom to move my bowels.. I actually puked out my lunch too! After taking my shower, we got ready to go out to meet some Indonesian friends who just came back for a visit.. But I needed to go to the toilet again.. I puked several times and visited the toilet many times too.. I was feeling so weak that I decided to stay home.. Called my friends to tell them I couldn’t make it.. I was so looking forward to this and was really reluctant to miss out on this meeting!! Sigh.. It was around 7pm when I decided to see a doctor.. Hubby took me to the clinic near my place.. There was only 1 clinic in the vicinity that was open on a Sunday.. But the nurse told us the doctor would arrive at 8pm and as there were 9 patients before me, I would hv to wait till 845 before I could see the doctor.. We registered but hubby drove me around to find another clinic that was open.. We finally went to one opposite Tiong Bahru Plaza.. It was abt 830 when my turn came.. Doctor said it could be stomach flu..

Called my mum to tell her we’d be leaving Jocelle with her for the night as I was really feeling very lousy.. Mum told me Jovan was also having a slight diarrhea.. Sigh..

Hubby sent me home before he went to my mum’s place to pick Jovan.. 

The next morning, hubby was also not well so he took medical leave for that day too.. Jovan seemed ok so we sent him to the ccc.. That afternoon, the ccc called and told us Jovan pooped thrice.. We then brought him to Dawson Place clinic.. Doctor also diagnosed that he was having stomach flu.. Sigh..

We went to my mum’s place and was told that Jocelle also vomited twice.. We decided to monitor the situation.. When we reached home, Jocelle Merlioned on me.. Sigh.. I was hoping that was the last time..

We went to sleep after settling the kids.. Jocelle woke up at abt 330am asking for milk.. I smelt poo poo so I woke hubby up to help to change her.. After changing her, I could still smell poo poo.. Sigh.. There was a stain on our bedsheet.. I quickly changed the bedsheet but could still smell the stench.. Mei mei pooped again! Changed her AGAIN! But I could still smell it! Then I realized that Jovan had also soiled his diaper.. After I changed him, I saw 2 stains on his bedsheet.. 1 was his poo poo, the other was his vomit.. Sigh.. He must have coughed and vomited earlier.. Changed his bedsheet..

Then we tried to feed Jocelle the acidophilus powder prescribed for Jovan.. She struggled and cried as we tried to feed her using a syringe.. In the end, she Merlioned!! Sigh.. Changed our bedsheet AGAIN!! Sigh.. Quickly put all the stained bedsheets in the washing machine and tried to get the kids back to dreamland.. By then, it was after 430am.. Sigh.. I decided to let hubby take Childcare leave while I go to work so I could go thru as much as I could before their CA1..

Called to check on hubby and realized Mei Mei pooped thrice in the morning.. Hubby sent Jovan to my mum before he brought Jocelle to the doctor who also diagnosed that she has stomach flu too.. Poor gal.. 

My heart was not at work as expected so I left work at abt 2.. Mei Mei was asleep in the car when hubby picked me.. She seemed ok then.. 

We went back so I could take my shower.. She pooped again so we changed her before going to my mum’s place.. When we reached her place, mum told us Jovan pooped once too and there was a lot of watery output.. Poor boy.. Then when mum tried to feed Jocelle some porridge, she vomited again.. Poor gal..

After dinner, we went home.. Jocelle pooped again!! Then as I was drafting this, Jovan puked on his mattress again.. So I had to change his bedsheet AGAIN!! Argh!! And it all started from me!! My poor darlings!! I hope you will all recover fast!! Hubby also had a busy time taking care of the kids even though his tummy was also queasy all these time.. Pls get well soon, my darlings!!