Jocelle’s name

I’ve actually thought of Jocelle’s name when I was expecting Jovan.. Before I knew Jovan was a boy, I shortlisted Jovan and Jocelle to be my boy’s and girl’s name respectively.. Went to the same 师父 we consulted regarding Jovan’s chinese name before we decided on Jocelle’s Chinese name..

This time round, we’ve shortlisted Zhuo Si (思)or Zhuo Shi (诗)as Jocelle’s Chinese name so it will sound like her English name.. The 师父 gave us a few options.. But the ‘Shi’ that he suggested cannot be found in the dictionary.. So we looked through the meanings of the other characters he suggested: 轩,霖,芯,奇,惠,莹,仪

We shortlisted 轩 and 芯 cos they sound closer to Jocelle.. After checking the dictionary, we decided that she’ll be called 岑卓轩 as 轩 means lofty and dignified.. More meaningful than 芯 which means core.. Finally, we can register her birth cert.. Today is actually the last day for us to register her name..

We’ll have to settle her Cordlife and CDA account next..


My 2nd labour

[Re-post: Found this entry in my mail… I’ve actually recorded this in another blog which is now non-existent.. Fortunately, I had a record of this post which I think will be interesting to note.. ]
Reached clinic at abt 0845 on 2 March and inserted pill to soften my cervix..
Went back to clinic at abt 1000 after we took some light snacks.
Did CTG for abt an hour to monitor bb’s heartbeat.. Left clinic abt 11.20am and proceeded to delivery ward waiting room to wait.
Did CTG again at 1330. Had lunch soon after.. More waiting.. Did another round of CTG at abt 5 plus before we had dinner.. Then Shum went back to get some stuff for me.. He came back around 9 plus I think.. Then a nurse came and transferred me to delivery suite 7.. Shum waited for me to settle down before he left.. No point for him to stay.. I took a shower and changed into the hospital gown.. Watched tv for a while before I went to sleep..
It was a long nite.. Couldn’t sleep well cos the nurses came in at diff times to check my temp and bp as well as bb’s heartbeat.. My sleep was also disturbed by the irregular mild contractions..
Soon, it was morning.. Think I woke up quite early.. Nurse told me Dr Ho will come between 8-9.. She then gave me enema to clear my bowels.. I did it within 5 min.. Haha.. Couldn’t tahan any longer.. Took a warm shower and waited for Dr Ho to come.. He came slightly before 0830.. Did VE but didn’t tell me how dilated I was.. He then broke my water bag at 0830.. He asked if I wanted epidural.. I said I’ll see how 1st.. I wanted to try to see if I could endure the pain.. Dr Ho inserted the needle on my left hand for the drip and took 50cc of blood from my right hand for the Cordlife blood test.. CTG was also done..
Now, I’ll just continue the wait for Jocelle’s arrival.. Shum was not with me yet.. SMS him to tell him Dr Ho had broken my water bag.. He said he’s on the way.. Meanwhile, I’m still having the irregular contractions..
Soon, my hubby came.. We asked the midwife abt the 2 readings on the machine.. One shows bb’s heart rate and the other the intensity of the contractions.. The nurse said the highest reading for the contractions was 127.. I monitored the reading to see if I could bear with the pain.. The midwife asked if I wanted epidural again.. I said I’ll see how 1st..
After a while, the midwife came in to check on me and asked how the pain was.. I said it’s ok.. I could still bear with it.. She said the contractions were not very regular so she increased the dosage of the hormone..
The intensity of the contractions reached 127 a few times and I felt that I could bear with the pain actually.. Felt more confident that I may be able to do it without epidural this time round..
After a while, the pain got more intense but I was still able to cope with it.. The midwife commented that I was brave and strong.. That boosted my ego a little.. Hee.. Maybe I should perservere.. Still, the midwife got ready the gas in case I needed pain relief..
I didn’t use it initially but the intervals between the contractions were getting shorter and the pain was getting more and more intense at lower readings.. I started using the gas more frequently.. I asked the midwife how long more do I hv to wait and she estimated that I might hv to wait for about 4-5 hours before I’m ready to deliver.. I thought to myself, ‘That’s too long.. Don’t tell me I hv to succumb to epidural again this time?’
Shum tried to distract me a little.. I held his hand and he tried to take the gas away from me in case I got too high.. He asked the midwife if it would be better for him to stand on my left or right when the dr comes.. She said he should stand on my right.. Soon, it was 11 plus in the morning.. I was practically in pain the whole time.. I relied mainly on the gas for pain relief.. Then a nurse told me to let her know if I needed to urine.. I did hv the urge.. I told the nurse so she placed a bed pan under me.. I tried but couldn’t release anything.. I told the midwife that I couldn’t clear my bladder even though I seemed to have the urge.. She then checked my dilation.. She said I’m 5cm dilated and that the baby may come very soon.. She told me that if I hv the urge to clear my bowels, let her know as it means the baby was coming.. She asked if I wanted the thigh injection which could relief 60% of the pain.. I didn’t answer..
I was in great pain.. Shum could see that so he asked if I wanted epidural.. I nodded my head.. He went out to inform the nurse.. Then the midwife came in to check on me.. Shum told her I asked for epidural.. She told me not to take epidural as it’s too late.. She then suggested the thigh injection again.. Heck! Anything goes now! I thought.. So I said yes.. She then got the injection ready and injected into my thighs.. I could feel some numbness.. But I could still feel the strong contractions so I continued breathing in the gas.. The midwife then went out to get Dr Ho..
I told Shum I felt like clearing my bowels.. The pain was INTENSE! I breathed the gas hard! I think I was hallucinating.. I thought Dr Ho had arrived and the nurses and midwife were all around asking me to push.. I was in auto mode.. I felt the urge to push hard! I could feel something tearing.. It was really like passing motion but this time round, it’s a gigantic piece of s**t! Haha.. I hv to get it out! Soon, I felt a great sense of relief.. I woke up from my hallucination, I think and I realised that only Shum was beside me and the midwife just came in.. I pushed again I think..
Apparently, while I was pushing hard, only Shum was beside me.. He heard a cry and thought it came from the tv.. It was actually from Jocelle! He then went out to get the midwife.. I was only conscious of what happened after the midwife came.. I had pushed Jocelle’s head out while the midwife went out if the room to get Dr Ho.. When she came in, I had pushed the rest of Jocelle out.. I asked if the bb was alright and whether I had scratched her… I dunno why I thought I had scratched her.. I looked at the time as the midwife cut the umbilical cord.. It was 1136.. I asked if the time of delivery was 1135 or 1136.. Luckily I asked as there were only the 3 of us in the room.. The other 2 were too occupied to look at the time.. Haha.. I know I was in great relief after the painful labour..
I think 2 nurses came in to help to collect the cord blood and measure bb’s weight and length..
Soon, Dr Ho came.. He looked shocked and disappointed that the bb came out before he came.. But he got straight to work and helped to deliver my placenta.. He pressed on my tummy to push everything out I think.. After that, he got ready to do the stitching.. He asked for local anaesthetic and told me to use the gas to relief the pain.. I could feel it everytime he injected the LA in me.. Yucks!i breathed in the gas again for pain relief.. Thankfully, the anaesthesia took effect when he was doing the stitching.. I could feel the stitches going through but not the pain now.. He even pressed on the stitched once he was done!
We were even talking abt how fast the process was.. Think he felt bad that he couldn’t reach the delivery suite in time but he also explained that he tried to be here asap.. When he knew I didn’t use the epidural, he commented that I was a super woman.. Hee..