Jovan@19 months

Time flies.. Jovan is already 19 months old.. He’s gonna be a ‘gor gor’ in abt a month’s time.. Not sure he’ll be ready for it cos he’s still super sticky to me.. I hope I can cope with 2..
He has grown quite a bit.. Still short.. Hee.. But his cheeks still look chubby.. He babbles a lot and makes a lot of funny sounds in his special Jovan language.. Haha.. He’s always very entertaining with his funny gestures and facial expressions.. He can greet us rather clearly.. Mummy, daddy, Ye ye, Nai nai, Ah ma, Ah gong (ah jor), Ah yee, Ah gu (Ah chu), Jie jie, Gor gor, Mei Mei, Di di, Auntie (ah dee), Uncle (ah ger), Ah M (old auntie) and several others..
He will also say please (ah pi) when he wants to eat anything.. We’ll get him to say thank you or xie xie whenever someone offers him food.. He can also say ok (otay), sorry (placing his hand on his temple), Nan Nan (milk), Mickey (ah mee, also for any soft toys he sees), balloon (bawoon), ball ball etc..
He has a mind of his own now and is always demanding this and that.. He’ll hold our finger or thumb to lead us to where he wants to go.. He’ll say ‘NO’ as he frowns when he doesn’t want to do what you ask of him.. He’ll hug us, say bye bye and give flying kisses before we go and he’ll point to himself when we ask him, ‘Where’s the handsome boy?’
He also reacts better with females and would smile sweetly at strangers we meet in lifts.. He dances to music and claps when he’s happy.. He just learnt how to gesture ‘gong xi gong xi’ and say happy new year (happy ye ye ye).. Haha..
He has been such a dear even though he can be stubborn at times.. I just bought a cane to discipline him.. Didn’t use much force but it seems to be a good way to stop him from misbehaving.. I hope he doesn’t think that I don’t love him anymore because of Jocelle.. Will have to learn how to balance.. I hope he’ll understand..